Accumulated Loss


Dimensions variable

Water, carbon dust, carbon based ink, plastic pallets, water soluble cast, stony-creek granite, concrete, aluminum, steel, and freezer.

Sae Jun Kim

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Sae Jun Kim’s Accumulated Loss acts as a viscerally grim proof to the equation of time + human interference in nature. Both symbolic and brutally material, Kim’s work is a visual corruption of nature’s mechanism for memory storage. The installation can be broken down by its cacophony of components and introduced together again into a harmonious element that carries a rather somber tone.

Almost clinically, a freezer sits against the wall with a blue light-filled compartment of ice tubes, carrying carbon data, their casings laying to the side of the freezer. By placing these otherwise natural materials into totally unnatural configurations, Kim begins to address the uncanniness of nature outside of its own space. The clean cylindrical shape, the metal tubing, the otherwise ubiquitous convenience mart freezer, the plastic casing around the ice and bathed in blue light, provide tension to the viewer that results in a phlegmatic position to the elements.

Kim provides an excellent use of space as he draws the viewer away from the fridge on through space towards a long metal bar holding an ice tube. Slowly melting, the ice reveals each layer of its history incrementally disintegrating, in an almost voyeuristic way - dying slowly in the audience.

Each drop of melted ice corrodes a large stone underneath and dissolves the material onto a manicured stone slab, eventually pouring out unto the floor in an explosion of textures, layers, and tones. Much like a watercolour, the remnants act as a painting of a landscape, ever-evolving as its previous forms die, and perhaps by no mistake, reaches back towards the freezer, to complete its cycle and start again.

(Text by Elies Popa)